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Meta Advertising

Love it or hate it, with almost 2.5 billion active monthly users – nearly a third of the world’s population – Meta remains the pinnacle of social media, dwarfing other popular platforms like TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Everyone – from GenZ through Boomers – uses Meta. But they’re not just connecting with old friends and sharing vacation pics, they’re also logging on to inform their buying decisions. In fact, consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on Meta than on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Reddit combined!

With its enormous audience and outsized influence, Meta isn’t just the most powerful and cost-effective marketing platform ever created. It’s a must-have for any company looking to enhance brand awareness, boost traffic, stimulate lead generation, and improve its revenue-driving efforts across the board.

As one of the few Meta Ad Partner Agencies, we love talking about Meta. Whether it’s your first foray or you’re unhappy with a current campaign, our digital marketing specialists have the juice (so to speak) to implement a creative strategy calculated to optimize every one of your Meta advertising dollars and deliver the best possible return on your investment.

The Lowdown on Meta Advertising: How it Works.

Boasting some of the most advanced targeting algorithms on the Web and a diverse array of ad types, Meta puts you and your company in the driver’s seat. You’re not merely hoping prospective customers find your business. You’re targeting the specific consumers most likely to be interested in your products or services by tapping into the wealth of data Meta has collected about its users.

And trust us, Meta knows a lot about its users!

With a near-endless array of custom audience parameters — including age, gender, occupation, location, interests, language, and behaviors — at your disposal, your business can create an amazingly detailed profile of your ideal audience. You can even upload existing customer data and let Meta create a “Lookalike Audience” based on the exact parameters you specify.

Meta allows a business of any size to reach its desired customer base with a single, well-designed, and well-placed ad. And with a CPM (Cost Per Thousand of Impressions) of just over $11 across all industries, it remains one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available – online or off.

Best of all, there’s no guesswork – the results of every Meta advertising campaign are 100% measurable. With just a single conversion pixel on your website, you’ve suddenly gained access to an enormous amount of juicy data that will help your business optimize ads, build a targeted audience for future campaigns, and remarket to consumers who’ve already engaged with your site.

Elevate Your Meta Advertising, and Rise Above Your Competition.

Meta Ad Manager is amazingly intuitive, and you won’t need a computer science degree to get a campaign up and running. But here’s the thing, the Meta marketing landscape is also incredibly crowded – all of your competitors are there. And it’s only growing more competitive by the day.

Before they come to us, many of our clients were lost in that crowd, running ineffective – sometimes even toxic – campaigns that consumed their advertising dollars while delivering little more than the occasional sale.

Unfortunately, their experience isn’t at all uncommon. Whether it’s due to poorly designed and sluggish ads, vague landing pages, or ineffective product pages, far too many Meta advertising campaigns are simply missing the mark.

So how do we fix this? By jumping right in and learning all there is to know about your company, analyzing everything from your customer’s viewpoint, and brainstorming ways to improve the user experience while pushing more and more conversions. Basically, we toss all the bad stuff before getting to the good – a process we’ve dubbed the “JUICE Cleans.”

We’re firm believers in a holistic social media strategy with Meta marketing as the cornerstone. Using the platform’s most advanced tools — including A/B split testing, remarketing, lookalike audiences, and conversion pixels — we create compelling campaigns that resonate with customers, track performance, and continuously optimize to keep our clients head-and-shoulders above the pack.

An Entrepreneur’s Mindset Translates to Remarkable Results for Your Business

Like most paid social, Meta advertising offers your business an opportunity to spend a little and get more (hopefully much more) in return. But without tested marketing experience, it’s tough to leverage everything Meta has to offer and thrive in this dynamic and increasingly competitive arena.

Bottom line, it’s a job that’s far too big for just a single individual.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve each started and sold several companies before getting together at JUICE. We’re passionate about Meta because we’re all too familiar with the damage a poorly conceptualized advertising strategy can do. And we have absolutely no patience for the traditional approaches to digital marketing that have allowed these ineffective, aimless campaigns to flood the platform.

We take our work personally and treat each client’s company as we would our own. We know every marketing dollar counts and become every bit as frustrated (if not more so) with ads that fail to get clicks, low conversion rates, and overspending as you probably do.

Because we’re able to tap the power of multiple brains with literally decades of collective experience navigating the Meta advertising space, the results we deliver for our clients are nothing short of remarkable – if we do say so ourselves.

After years of experimentation, we’ve figured out how to leverage Meta advertising for long-term, scalable growth. If you’re ready to put our knowledge to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about your business.