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Email List Management & Development

Email List Management & Development

Nothing beats a smart email marketing campaign when you need to connect with customers.

But leveraging email to grow your business and build brand awareness is a lot like cooking, with the results mostly dependent on the quality of your ingredients.

And without a stellar email list to direct your communications, they’ll likely land in the spam folder, never to be opened. As far as we’re concerned, that list is the cornerstone of any effective campaign.

But like cooking, cultivating and managing a quality subscriber list is an art that takes time to perfect. And if you’re like most committed business owners and managers, time is probably the one ingredient that’s always scarce.

As a full-service and integrated digital marketing firm, we’ve helped hundreds of brands mount incredibly successful email marketing campaigns by developing and managing customized databases that allow our clients to direct their promotional communications more deliberately and intelligently. Whether you’re an email marketing novice or were left unimpressed by a recent effort, our Email List Management and Development specialists have the JUICE to build and maintain a solid subscriber list that will allow your business to grow year after year.

Email List Management & Development: The Key to Marketing Success.

Email has always been a powerful promotional channel. And in the early years of the internet, Email Marketing offered a relatively easy way to realize a great return on investment.

But with today’s brands using email more than ever, the competition for consumer attention has reached a fever pitch. And with nearly 2.8 million digital communications being sent every second of the day, most Americans are simply overwhelmed by the staggering number of irrelevant promotions constantly clogging their inboxes.

If your business is going to break through all that nose, you’ve got to give your subscribers the attention they deserve. That means implementing a plan for effective Email List Management and Development that will ensure you’re reaching the consumers who want and need to hear from your brand.

  • Lead Magnets: Persuade website and social media visitors to subscribe by offering coupons, free guides, checklists, quizzes, or eBooks in exchange for their email address and other contact information.
  • Make Subscribers Feel Welcome: Welcome emails confirm each subscriber’s sign-up and clarify what they can expect in terms of content, brand voice, special offers, and more.
  • Subscriber Control: Allow prospects to tailor future communications to their needs and desires, ensuring your emails have relevance and improving your churn, bounce, and open rates.
  • Immaculate List Hygiene: Maintaining a clean target list – periodically validating addresses and scrubbing inactive subscriber — maximizes efficiency, improves sender reputation, and increases the odds that your emails will actually get delivered.
  • List Segmentation: Segmenting your list for different audiences – by age, gender, interests, and even recent purchases — allows for more effective targeting and personalization. And compared to generic emails, personalized campaigns can generate six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email.

We Get the Right Emails to the Right Inboxes

Developing and managing a quality subscriber list is just one component of email marketing. Still, it’s a lot to take on when you’re already juggling everything else that goes along with running a business.

When they first come to us, many of our clients can’t understand why their marketing emails and brand newsletters are getting so little – if any – traction. But in nearly every case, their email lists just weren’t a priority. The result? Aimless campaigns that either alienated potential customers or failed to connect at all.

So how do we fix this?

We begin by learning all there is to know about your brand, including your industry, your competitors, and your target audience. Once we’ve honed in on the data that will allow us to direct the right emails towards the right inboxes, our marketing experts will deploy all of the tools – improved sign-up forms, opt-in and referral incentives, list segmentation, in-mail social sharing options, performance tracking, and analysis – essential to building and maintaining a quality subscriber list.

Email List Development & Management from an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

As entrepreneurs who’ve each started and sold several businesses, we’ve seen first-hand just how quickly a lazy or thoughtless approach to email targeting can ruin even the most hallowed brands’ reputations. And we have no tolerance for ruddreless campaigns that only consume marketing budgets while delivering little in the way of return on investment.

Because we’ve been where you are, we become just as frustrated with high bounce rates, low open rates, and lackluster conversions as you probably do. We promise to treat your business as your own and make sure every marketing dollar counts.

When you collaborate with JUICE, you’re leveraging the power of multiple minds with decades of combined experience helping brands flourish in the digital age. After years of experimentation, we’ve developed an approach to Email List Development and Management that ensures our clients’ campaigns deliver a superior return on investment.

We’re certain you’ll be astonished by our results.

If you’re ready to put our capabilities to work for you, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.