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Juice helped a leading platform, which raises funds for rescue animals, scale up their fundraisers using customised ads – resulting in a 4.28-times increase in conversions.

Driving donations

Driving donations

JUICE wanted to help the animal rescue fundraising and adoption platform, CUDDLY, effectively scale up their ad campaigns to increase conversions – while maintaining a positive return on advertising spend and maximising the growth of their fundraisers.

Driving donations
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JUICE, a Meta Business Partner, helped CUDDLY oversee and execute a campaign to scale their growing brand by helping animal shelters that rely on their platform fundraisers for rescued animals. Using Facebook pixel data and Custom Audiences, JUICE helped customise ad creative to be best suited for audiences at each level of the marketing funnel.

JUICE and CUDDLY used Lookalike Audiences from relevant data sources to reach the right people. JUICE provided a full-funnel approach to prospecting, retargeting and reactivation to maximise audience coverage. Campaign budget optimisation was used to efficiently allocate budgets and better fund the most efficient ads. JUICE chose to use automatic placements to help find the right platforms for the audience.

JUICE and CUDDLY tested different types of ad creative such as video ads, carousel ads and static image ads with dual images of animals in need of support and donations. To optimise campaign results, they continually tweaked creative, ad copy and audiences, and ramped up budgets over the month-long campaign.


Success story


increase in conversions


purchases driven


More conversions

More conversions

The campaign helped CUDDLY drive more donation purchases for rescue animals at scale.
Results based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager showed a:

  • 4.28-times increase in conversions (comparing May and June 2020 to May and June 2019)
  • 27,983 purchases in 2020 versus 5,760 in 2019
Since moving our account over to JUICE as our new agency partner, our business has grown over 348% year over year". Their efforts to optimise our results and remain focused on our KPIs as we continue to invest more ad spend with them have been fantastic! Their communication and desire to collaborate has worked very well for our team.
John Hussey

CEO, Cuddly

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