Sucess With JUICE

EFFY partnered with JUICE to profitably drive conversions at scale on Meta, Google, and Bing for it’s high-end jewelry brand.

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Here’s What We Did

  • Optimized Full-Funnel Campaign Strategy
  • Robust Creative Performance Testing
  • Seasonal Trend Optimization

YoY Revenue Growth With Meta Ads


Revenue Growth With Google Ads


Improvement in Conversions on Bing

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Success With

Turning Views Into Sales

  • Use of trending creatives and data analysis led to improved campaign metrics.
  • Market research and channel expertise enabled scalable acquisition of high value-customers.
  • Continuous testing in messaging, creative, and products increased average-order-value.
  • Finding ideal customers in a competitive market on Meta and Google requires clear messaging and a full-funnel marketing strategy approach.

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We drove a 3x incremental lift in sales for Tokullectibles with Reels-optimized creative for Meta. The Japanese collectibles store tested a campaign with Reels-optimized ad creative produced by JUICE versus its usual creative assets and saw a significant boost in sales and ROI.

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Check out these results!
  • 41% Lower Cost Per Purchase
  • 91% Lower Cost Per Link Click
  • 3x Incremental Lift In Sales
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CBDistillery partnered with JUICE to successfully navigate Meta’s CBD policies while still positively influencing sales and revenue.

JUICE’s Meta ad account strategy and strong Meta rep relationship enabled opportunities for growth by focusing on messaging angles that would pass the platform’s ad policies and decrease the number of ad rejections.

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JUICE’s strategy and execution on Meta unlocked massive results for CBDistillery:
  • 21% Increase In Conversion Rate
  • 83% Increase In RoAS
  • 50% Decrease In CPA
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The online apparel and lifestyle brand wanted to make a big splash for Black Friday so it used Facebook’s campaign budget optimization and dynamic ads for broad audiences, achieving a 7X return on ad spend.

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Record-breaking results:
  • 7X return on ad spend
  • 2,600 sales over 6-day campaign
  • 3.5X number of Black Friday sales year over year
  • 1,000 purchases on Black Friday alone
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Paleo Bakehouse

This online bakery worked with its agency JUICE agency to revamp its Facebook ad strategy and reach its audience with more advanced campaign objectives and products, achieving a 4.1X return on ad spend and 2.6X more purchases.

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The new Facebook ad strategy definitely paid off. Paleo Bakehouse has doubled its revenue every 2–3 months and grown from thousands in annual revenue into a million-dollar business, from a home kitchen into a factory, and from 3 to 10 employees.
  • 4.1X average return on ad spend
  • 2.6X increase in purchases
  • $311,323 increase in revenue
  • $742,311 total value of conversions
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The sign-making company saw a significant improvement in its return on ad spend – as much as 79X on some ads – by using Facebook Custom Audiences, lookalike audiences and retargeted ads.

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Popsigns knew that Easter is an important holiday for its primary customers. So, the company decided to partnered with Juice, a digital marketing agency, to launch a campaign to reach new customers and increase sales.
  • 79x return on ad spend for some ads
  • 24.7x overall return on ad spend
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