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Google Penalty Removal

Google Penalty Removal

Millions of consumers turn to Google every day to research the products and services they need.

If your brand is going to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive digital marketplace, your website needs to appear on the first page of results – preferably near the top – on relevant Google searches.

But what if Google turns against you?

The dreaded Google penalty – whether manual or algorithmic – can sink your rankings and your traffic overnight. If your business is going to thrive, you’ve got to get that penalty removed and begin to recover your ranking as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. And even if you manage to have the penalty revoked, there’s no guarantee that your rankings and traffic will shoot back up – at least in the near term.

As a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency, we’ve helped many of our clients return the JUICE to their rankings. If you’re struggling with a Google penalty, our experts will quickly determine the root of the problem and formulate a sound strategy for getting your site back on track and ensuring it stays there.

All About Google Penalties

There are few things digital marketers fear more than a Google penalty.

In the best-case scenario, a penalty will cause a drop in rankings for multiple keywords. In the worst case, an entire website will disappear from the search results entirely.

Google penalizes websites in a few ways. You’ll receive a manual penalty if the Google search team reviews your site and determines it doesn’t meet their quality standards. But the search engine will automatically level an algorithmic penalty when one of its algorithms comes across something that violates the Google webmaster guidelines.

While the Panda algorithm generally awards high-quality sites and penalizes those with thin, spun, duplicate, or irrelevant content, it will occasionally penalize a site for onsite or offsite technical issues.

Google’s Penguin algorithm goes after sites with suspect backlinks. Even if you never created a single unnatural link, there’s always a chance a competitor was engaging in some negative SEO to improve their rankings at your expense. When Penguin identifies manipulative links, the site will receive a penalty for specific keywords or phrases. But if Panda detects link spam, the algorithm flags the website for review by the Google quality team, which could assess a partial or site-wide manual penalty.

The Art of Google Penalty Removal

You’ll receive notification of a manual penalty via the Google Search Console.

Panda and Penguin penalties can hit your site whenever Google updates its algorithms, something that happens hundreds of times every year. While you won’t receive notification of an algorithmic penalty, you might observe at least one of the following:

  • Your website is no longer ranking well for your brand or business name.
  • Your page-one positions have slipped a page or two without any action on your part.
  • Your website disappeared from Google’s cached results overnight.
  • Your PageRank has dropped to 1 or 0.
  • A site search – keyword – yields no results.
  • Your listing is for a random page on your site, rather than the homepage.

Whether you’ve been hit by a manual or algorithmic penalty, removing and recovering from the black mark can be a time-consuming and challenging process. In the meantime, you’re going to lose countless conversions to your site’s sinking rankings and falling traffic.

We’re not going to lie; Google penalty removal is more art than science. There’s no quick fix, but an experienced expert can make the process more efficient and far less painful.

Before they came to us, many of our clients had no idea why they received a Google penalty. Some weren’t even aware of the penalty; they just knew they’re rankings had inexplicably slipped.

So, what can we do?

We begin by running a thorough audit to determine if your site received a penalty, identify whether its manual or algorithmic and if it relates to a Penguin or Panda update. Then we develop a roadmap for removing problematic contact, eliminating or disavowing any unsavory backlinks, and requesting reconsideration from Google.

Once we’ve had the penalty removed and restored your rankings, our SEO experts will show you how to avoid penalties and maintain your page-one position in the future.

An Entrepreneur’s Vision for Online Success

Before partnering at JUICE, we were all entrepreneurs who had each started and sold several companies. We know from experience that a well-ranking website is a necessity in today’s digital world, and we’ve seen just how quickly a single Google penalty can bring traffic and conversions to a grinding halt virtually overnight.

Because we understand that every marketing dollar counts, we’ll never waste your time — or your money — on temporary fixes and black-hat solutions that will only do more damage in the long run. We take our work personally and promise to treat your business and your website with the care we would show our own.

When you connect with JUICE, you’re able to draw on the power of multiple minds with decades of combined experience navigating the internet marketplace. After years of experimentation, we’ve perfected a range of highly effective Google penalty removal techniques that will restore your online credibility, allow your rankings to recover and eventually improve, and position your brand for long-term, sustainable growth.

If you’re ready to put our knowledge to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.