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Twitter Advertising

From politics to pop culture, Twitter keeps the world on top of the news and abreast of what’s trending.

Not only are  40% of Twitter’s 326 million active monthly users checking in at least once a day, but they’re also spending 26%  more time on advertising compared with other social media users.

The average Twitterati follows five businesses, and 80% have mentioned a brand in their Tweets.  More than half are inspired to act – visit a website, search for a product, or retweet content — after seeing a brand mentioned on Twitter.

The data speaks for itself! If you’re looking to advertise online, your customers are probably on Twitter. When leveraged effectively, Twitter advertising won’t just reach your target audience, but could potentially convert that audience into enthusiastic advocates for your brand!

With that kind of engagement potential, can your business afford to overlook Twitter?

Whether it’s your first incursion into the Twitterverse or you’re unhappy with a current campaign, our digital marketing specialists can implement a comprehensive Twitter strategy with the juice to raise brand awareness, boost traffic and sales, enhance customer relationships, and deliver the best possible return on your investment.

Twitter Ads = Big Advantages for Your Brand

In barely a decade and a half, Twitter has grown from a site where people could share their thoughts into a powerful marketing machine that allows any business – large or small – to engage with its customers in real-time.

Thousands of companies now use Twitter to communicate with the public, and many maintain separate Twitter accounts to promote their products and services, assist their customers, and build a community around their brand. But with millions of Tweets sent every day — and the Twitter algorithm changing on the regular – any brand relying on a solely organic strategy risks becoming lost in the clutter.

That’s where Twitter advertising comes in!

With Twitter ads, your business can choose between eight objectives, including app installs, video views, and website conversions, to run ridiculously targeted and unobtrusive campaigns that will connect with your customers in an immediate and truly personal way.

There’s no minimum campaign spend. And because you only pay when a Twitter user takes action in a way that meets your objective or expands your reach, even a small advertising budget can have an outsized impact on your bottom line!

How Twitter Ads Work: The Basics.

Twitter offers businesses three standard campaign formats:

  • Promoted Tweets: The most common and versatile format, Promoted Tweets are a great way to expand your brand’s reach and interact with existing followers. Like organic Tweets, Promoted Tweets can be retweeted, replied to, liked, and shared.
  • Promoted Accounts:  Promoted Accounts allow you to reach users who aren’t interacting with your brand. When you advertise with Promoted Accounts, Twitter will suggest the users you’ve targeted follow your account.
  • Promoted Trends: Promoted Trends places your sponsored topic and hashtag at the top of Twitter’s “trending topics” box. Trending topics will appear on users’ timelines, in the Explore tab, and on the Twitter app. All users will be able to view your Promoted Trend during the 24 hours the ad remains active.

You can target every Twitter Ad format to specific demographics and geographic areas, shared interests and behaviors, the mobile carriers of your choosing, or towards users who have mentioned certain events, keywords, or hashtags in their Tweets.  You can even remarket Twitter ads to recent account followers, or aim for users who’ve already engaged with your competitors.

Our Entrepreneurs Help Brands Leverage Twitter for Long-Term Success

An effective Twitter advertising campaign can help your business raise brand awareness, connect with customers in real-time, and increase the reach of your organic content. But to remain relevant in this fast-paced environment and get the most from your advertising dollar, you’re going to need a team of dedicated professionals with the wherewithal to react to ever-changing trends.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve each started and sold several companies before getting together at JUICE. We’re passionate about Twitter because we’ve all experienced the damage wrought by sloppy, uninspiring campaigns. We know every dollar counts, and nothing frustrates us more than ads that fail to get clicks, low conversion rates, or overspending. We have absolutely no tolerance for the cookie-cutter approaches that have allowed thoughtless advertisements to flood the digital landscape.

When you work with JUICE, you’re able to channel the power of multiple minds with decades of combined experience navigating the Twitterverse. We’ve been experimenting for years, and have learned to leverage Twitter advertising for long-term, scalable growth. With your Twitter account in our hands, we just might astound you!

If you’re ready to put our knowledge to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about your business.