Paid Search Management

Paid Search

Pay-per-click (PPC), search engine advertising, or sponsored listings.

Whatever you call it, paid search remains one of the most cost-effective and scalable ways to connect your business with prospective customers already searching the web for the products and services you provide.

Don’t believe us? Well, consider the facts:

Bottom line? Any business is more likely to make a sale if they reach consumers while they’re actively looking to buy. And that’s precisely what paid search allows you to do!

Whether it’s your first foray into the paid search arena or you’re unhappy with your current strategy, our digital marketing wizards will ensure your PPC campaign has the juice to boost brand awareness, increase relevant traffic, convert clicks to sales, and guarantee the best possible return on your investment.

Paid Search vs. Organic Search:
What’s the Difference?

A query on Google, Bing, or any other search engine will generate two very different types of results: the “paid search” results and the “organic search” results.

Organic search results are free website listings that turn up because they’re relevant to the keywords queried. To rank well in the organic listings, you’ll need an effective SEO strategy that targets the keywords your customers search for, as well as excellent content that provides value to those searchers.

Successful SEO takes a bit of time, and since Google and the other search engines are fairly secretive with their formulas for determining relevancy, it can be tough to pinpoint just what might put your site at the top of page one. Because those algorithms also change from time to time, your website will need an occasional tweak to maintain your rankings.

Paid search listings are the advertisements that appear at the top of the page above the organic listings. Shopping ads, which are part of paid search, can appear at the top or side. Once a business bids on the keywords relevant to their products and services, their PPC ads will only appear to searchers who’ve queried those words or closely related terms. The advertiser only pays if the searcher actually clicks on their ad.

Paid search is more immediate than organic search. While most search engines guarantee ad approval within 24 to 72 hours, it often comes within minutes of submission.

Why Your Business Needs Paid Search

So, what’s the best approach for your business?

Well, in our experience, organic and paid search work best when integrated as components of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Your brand is far more likely to dominate page one — and generate those sought-after clicks – when both your website and your PPC ads are optimized for the keywords relevant to your customers.

Because paid search allows you to target the consumers most interested in your products or services, it brings more qualified traffic to your site and increases your odds of conversion. Paid search can also help you recover clicks that a purely organic strategy might miss – especially if you’re still working to improve your website’s rankings. You can even use paid search to test keywords for SEO or try your hand at PPC remarketing to encourage previous organic visitors to return and complete their purchase!

With paid search, you’ll have access to data — the number of clicks, the cost per click, sales generated from each click, and more – that will help you improve results over time and make the most of every advertising dollar. And because you’ll be able to set daily spending caps and manage each bid to target the most cost-effective, high-returning keywords, your PPC campaign can be adjusted to fit just about any budget.

Our Seasoned PPC Experts Can Position Your Business for Long-Term Success

Nearly 30 million Americans will shop online this year

With paid search, any business – large or small — can leverage this web traffic to engage with existing customers and reach new ones when they’re the most motivated to buy. All it takes is an internet connection, a small budget, a few lines of copy, and a couple of hours each day, and your PPC ads will soon be generating leads, increasing sales, and bringing new foot traffic into your physical location.

At least that’s what Google, Microsoft, and the other search engine companies would like you to believe.

Look, there’s no denying that paid search is an excellent revenue enhancement tool. But it’s also growing increasingly complex and competitive by the day, and it takes a seasoned team of PPC experts to devise, launch, and manage a campaign that complements your SEO and positions your business for long-term success.

We were all entrepreneurs before teaming up to launch JUICE. We’ve each started and sold several companies, and we’ve all experienced first-hand the toll a poorly conceptualized and badly run digital advertising strategy can take on a business. We get that every dollar counts and have zero tolerance for traditional approaches that eat away at your marketing budget while providing little in the way of returns.

We promise to treat your business as our own. And because we’re able to call on the power of multiple minds with literally decades of experience in the online advertising sphere, we’re confident you’ll find the results we deliver for your company nothing short of amazing!

If you’re ready to put our knowledge to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about your business.