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LinkedIn Advertising

Want to connect with millions of hard-to-reach business leaders and senior decision-makers?

LinkedIn advertising is the way to go.

Some 675 million active users – including many Fortune 500 execs – check in with LinkedIn every month to network, find resources and support, and build relationships with potential customers.

Not only are these members better educated and earning more than the average web user, but they’re also looking to actively engage with business-oriented content that matches their career profiles and professional interests.

While it might not have the audience of a Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn advertising is a must for any business – large or small – looking connect its brand with C-Suite professionals.

If you’ve never advertised on LinkedIn, or if you’re unhappy with your current campaign, our digital marketing virtuosos can develop and execute a strategy with the juice to reach the businesses, executives, and professions your brand needs to expand its market share.

LinkedIn Ads Get Your Brand in Front of the Right Eyes

The folks at LinkedIn specifically designed its algorithm to favor personal connections and facilitate networking, so every post in a member’s feed is highly relevant to that specific individual. That’s a huge advantage for advertisers and a big reason why LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B marketers than either Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn advertising offers access to 630 million professional members:

  • 90 Million Senior-Level Influencers
  • 63 Million Decision-Makers
  • 17 Million Opinion Leaders
  • 10 Million C-Suite Executives
  • 6 Million IT Decision-Makers
  • 3 Million MBA Graduates

Because LinkedIn members willingly contribute and continuously update their professional profiles, ad targeting is far superior to other social media platforms. The membership’s active participation allows you to reach users based on authentic, member-generated data, including:

  • Company: Company connections, industry, size, name, and followers.
  • Demographics. Member age and gender.
  • Education: Fields of study, member schools, and degrees.
  • Job Experience: Job function, seniority, title, member skills, and years of experience.
  • Interests: Group membership and shared interests.

LinkedIn’s range of ad formats and targeting capabilities make it easy to tailor any campaign to your specific marketing objectives. Is your ideal customer a graduate of MIT who’s worked for Google in the past 5 years and currently lives in San Jose, California? LinkedIn will direct your advertising to members who meet those exact criteria.

Other social media networks will only distribute direct private messages to users who’ve somehow opted in by, for example, clicking a registration link or providing their email. But with LinkedIn’s InMail ad format, you can send a highly personalized message to any prospective lead whether they’ve engaged with your company or not.

With LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature, you can remarket to website visitors or create custom audiences and run account-based marketing campaigns by uploading lists of contacts, email addresses, or company names. It’s also extremely easy to identify lookalike audiences based on website visitors, target accounts, and contact lists.

You will pay a bit more for clicks and impressions on LinkedIn. But a marketing strategy is only as good as its audience. With LinkedIn’s ultra-targeted ads, you’re far more likely to trigger better interactions, and therefore, better results.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset to take Your LinkedIn Campaign to the Next Level

While using the LinkedIn ad interface is a relatively simple matter, developing and managing a winning campaign is not. If you want to make the most of your marketing dollars, you’re going to need a team of experienced specialists who’ll know how to make LinkedIn’s wide variety of ad formats and targeting capabilities work for your business.

At JUICE, we’ve seen first-hand just how much damage a poorly conceived and sloppily executed digital marketing strategy can do to a brand. Nothing exasperates us more than ads that fail to get clicks, low conversion rates, and overspending. We bring an entrepreneurial mindset to everything we do, and we promise to treat your business as we would our own. We understand that every dollar counts and would never succumb to a one-size-fits-all approach that’s ill-equipped to meet your unique marketing goals.

We’re able to harness the power of multiple minds with decades of combined experience navigating the realm of digital marketing. After experimenting for years, we’ve become masters at leveraging LinkedIn advertising for long-term, scalable growth. We think you’ll find our results nothing short of incredible.

If you’re ready to put our knowledge to work, we’d love to talk and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.