We get eye-popping results
(seriously, they’re unfair).
That’s because
we’re not your
typical agency.


High-Powered Results

If you run a company, you’ve probably seen some variation of following ads on your Facebook feed:

  • 4x Return on Ad Spend
  • Help client x acquire at $3/download
  • The highest Facebook RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) in the industry

In fact, in today’s frothy environment, you simply need to think about launching a business and ads from marketing agencies start spilling from your feed like AOL CD’s from a 90’s magazine.

These same agencies are clamoring to work with all of your competitors. But you, wanting to separate yourself from the pack, realize something is amiss.

Luckily, you’re smarter than the average bear, because you’re right–agencies that tout one or two singular vanity metrics like RoAS or cost per download–usually yield a middle-of-the-pack performance.

Companies that want to keep up with their competition hire one of the above agencies that you see around Facebook.

Companies that want to win hire JUICE.


return on ad spend for some ads


overall return on ad spend

Take it from us, the agency who actually had the highest RoAS out of all Facebook case studies in 2022 (24x).

JUICE: We’re really good at growing companies

Doctors: Neurosurgeons

Marketing Agencies : JUICE

What happens if you enter 1M into Facebook’s Ads Manager, hit publish, and wait a day? You lose 1M.

Once upon a time, companies could get ahead by paying attention to growth and performance marketing. In 2023, those terms are now trite. That’s because they’re no longer competitive advantages that create separation from your competition, but rather, prerequisites in order to keep up with them.

Choosing a marketing agency is an important milestone for your company; you’re taking a bet on your company’s future. In fact, it might be one of the most important milestones. Case-in-point: there’s no other hire that can bankrupt your entire company with one wrong move.

You can roll around in the mud with your typical agency-the same ones who tout their high RoAS or cost/download based on cherry-picked results and vanity metrics. Or, you can work with the best-the company that teaches other agencies how to run Facebook ads and is trusted by platforms like Product Hunt that focus on growth.


We’re JUICE, and we’re not

your typical agency

In fact, our founders Michael Lisovetsky and Troy Osinoff, started JUICE, because their experiences with agencies left much to be desired.

Troy Osinoff is a serial entrepreneur and former Head of Customer Acquisition at BuzzFeed. Troy helped a bankrupt shoe company reach profitability, grew a Grammy-winning recording studio, created a viral media site called Make A Dare (featured on Dr Phil), co-founded a media company with 1.7M visitors daily ($0 paid promotion), and created a viral Tumblr that was turned into a nationally sold book (published by Penguin, sold to FOX).

Michael Lisovetsky was the former Director of Growth at Common and Founder of Skylight, a matchmaking app for apartments where Lisovetsky raised $500k from Tim Draper (Investor in SpaceX, Tesla, Hotmail), Marc Benioff (Founder & CEO, Salesforce), and Great Oaks VC. Skylight was acquired by Common.

What Michael and Troy found after being less-than-impressed by the agencies they’ve hired (and also heard time and time again when working with companies) is that most consist of people who have very little experience outside of working at an agency.

You end up working with a marketer (often right out of college) who knows how to run Facebook ads in a very formulaic way. They utilize this formulaic strategy among all of their accounts, perhaps with some success in the short run, but their abilities are capped; their bag of tricks are limited to tactics already being done by other companies.

Revenue the month before we hired JUICE: $66,123.62.
Revenue the month after we hired JUICE: $146,039.46.
The only difference? JUICE.

Maneesh Sethi

founder of Pavlok

JUICE is different. Based in New York City, our team is comprised of top talent with the same DNA as its founders, i.e. people who have started, advise, and grown companies–not run-of-the-mill marketers who have only interacted with companies through running an agency’s playbook.
But don’t take our word for it. According to Facebook, we operate our ads at 98% efficiency and our results are at least at the top 90th percentile of all their Facebook partners.


In order to illustrate the difference between JUICE and other agencies, let’s take an example using an e-commerce company (one of the many types we handle at JUICE) that advertises on Facebook

Below is an illustration of the factors that go into this company’s profitability:

The scope of other agencies ends at the Facebook ad level. Why? Because that’s all they know–everything outside of the ad itself requires a true growth wizard that understands holistic nature of acquisition. Luckily, JUICE specializes in both Facebook ads, as well as the “everything else.”


Let’s use another example-an app that wants to build the most valuable business possible

Focusing singularly on cost/download is a sure way to go out of business, because 95% of users churn by the third month (not to mention that many cases, the “cheapest” users often carry the least value).

A true growth expert will also acquire the most retained users and/or users that lead to the highest monetary LTV (when possible). They will also understand the true value of each new download and how that varies by acquisition channel and cohort, then optimize acquisition accordingly

Countless clients have come to us after other agencies were unable to achieve their desired growth, and it’s because they only scratch the surface of growth; they are media buyers, not growth experts.

That’s why we were hatin’ (as the kids say nowadays) on marketing agencies that base their pitch solely on the RoAS or cost/download they achieved with one client, then promise that same number to you.

Those numbers are usually cherry-picked and mean nothing when applied to your business. Sure, we could brag that we achieved 24x RoAS for PopSigns.com with some ads achieving almost 80x RoAS, but there are many more meaningful metrics to demonstrate the JUICE difference in helping businesses grow.

For example, how our results helped clients raise over $50-million in venture capital, how we’ve sold out conferences for clients that charge $10,000 per ticket, or how we’ve taken over clients from some of the supposed “best” agencies and performed way better–as seen in the case study below.


Case studies

Cutting Conversion Costs by Over 90% Where Another Agency Failed

A client in the insurance space approached us because they were unable to achieve a conversion cost lower than $100 while working with a very prominent San Francisco based growth agency.

Upon examination, we recognized exactly where the potential for growth improvement resided. The company’s insurance offering was a relatively new type, and not enough buying temperature was generated at the point that users had to make a decision.

This lack of buying temperature, combined with the website’s relatively high friction, was the reason that conversion costs were north of $100.

Unfortunately this company’s previous agency did not take a holistic approach to the problem, as they focused on Facebook ads alone. That’s when we stepped in.

First, we addressed the lack of buying temperature. We knew that because this was a relatively new service, users needed to really want to jump through the hoops, even before making it to our client’s site. So, we were able to seed an article about our client on a very prominent mainstream publisher.

Next, we addressed the amount of friction on the client’s website. We wanted to retarget visitors to the article that we seeded, but unfortunately it was on a 3rd party website. We came up with a novel way to create an ad that led to this article while simultaneously firing a Facebook pixel owned by the client.

Utilizing our growth abilities and holistic view of the problem resulted in a massive drop in cost of conversion, which led to over a 90% decrease in customer acquisition costs.

How to
work with us

As we’ve mentioned, we’re not like other agencies. We’re the creme-de-la-creme of growth and only work with companies that have the potential to be the creme-de-la-creme of their industry.

To that end, since we only take the (potential) best we won’t take other direct competitors from your industry. As a client, you’ll have access to an entire network of potential partners.

From potential logistics partners who can help you streamline your fulfillment process as you scale, to venture capitalists that can potentially lead your next round after you’ve hit your next growth milestones, our vast network is one of the reasons that clients decide to go with JUICE.

This is Molly, one of the JUICE mascots and honorary salesperson

There are two ways that you can work with us:


You will need

To be introduced through a referral-either through a former client or one of our partners (for example, VC’s that we work with).


You will need

To work with us. In particular, we want to know that you are serious about growth, standing out from the rest of your industry, and that your company has immense potential.

Remember, unlike cheaper agencies we won’t promise you some vanity RoAS. What we will promise, however, is that if we decide to work with you, we guarantee the best RoAS that you could ever achieve working with another agency.

You’re an ideal client if you meet the criteria below (when applicable, e.g. an app doesn’t need to know its cost of goods sold):

  • You already have a smooth fulfillment process with little-to-no inventory issues

There’s nothing that kills a company’s brand quicker than poor fulfillment and customer service. Your fulfillment process should be smooth and your inventory should be well-stocked, in the event that we start with a bang.

  • You already have 100+ customers

While we do work with some companies from the very start, you will get the most value from JUICE if you already have purchase data and are ready to scale. This means that we can spend more time focused on growing your company and less time on helping you with initial traction.

  • You already have 300+ users (if you don’t sell anything)

The same goes for companies that don’t currently sell something, e.g. an app.

  • You know your unit economics

You should have a good idea of basic metrics like COGS (cost of goods sold), CAC (customer acquisition cost), and AOV (average order value). Obviously, these will change once we start working together, but you should have a rough idea of these metrics’ current values.

  • Something differentiates you from your competition

It could be superior unit economics, IP, or your stellar team. Again, we only work with the best of the best, so we want to know what puts you in that category.