5 Tips For Your Resume To Help Get You Hired

Does it ever feel like you apply to jobs endlessly and no matter how hard you try, you can’t even get called in for an interview? Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of applicants looking for a job. If you feel like you’re alone, you’re definitely not. Want tips on how you can brush up your resume and finally land that job?

Tip #1: Stand Out!

Your resume is the employer’s first impression of you. They want you to stand out, to think outside the box. Being different is good and having a personality is what employers are looking for!

Tip # 2: Employers LOVE Numbers

A lot of people hate numbers, however, resume readers love it! The person who is reviewing your resume wants to see how many clients you’ve worked with, what your budgets have looked like and how you have helped businesses grow. Add those numbers in, the more the better.

Tip #3: Follow a Flow

Having a flow shows employers that you are organized visually and contextually. When you don’t have one, it shows them you are all over the place and makes it harder for them to read through. Also, be sure to watch out for those pesky typos. If you have mistakes in your application, it shows the employer that you don’t pay attention to detail. The last thing you want is for them to think of you this way as a first impression.

Tip #4: Be Relevant

Make sure your resume is relevant to the role you are applying for! If you are applying for a Social Media role, they don’t care about your experience as a Sales Representative. Maybe you added it in there because you want to show them you have client service experience. Your resume should have a “Skills” section, you can simply add that under there, no need to get into detail. Remember, the goal is to get the interview, you can explain client service experience then.

Tip #5: Details

It’s crazy to think that people write one-word descriptions of what they have done in their past companies, but it happens more often than you know. Keep in mind, this is the employer’s first interaction and impression of you, sell yourself! Explain in detail how amazing you are, what your experience entails and why they would be crazy not to hire you.

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