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Paleo Bakehouse

This online bakery worked with its agency JUICE agency to revamp its Facebook ad strategy and reach its audience with more advanced campaign objectives and products, achieving a 4.1X return on ad spend and 2.6X more purchases.

Healthy baked goods

Paleo Bakehouse set out to find health-conscious and allergy-sensitive people with a sweet tooth who would buy a guilt-free dessert and come back for seconds.

Healthy baked goods

This online bakery was launched by high-school sweethearts—a self-taught baker and a personal trainer—who spotted a need in the market for healthy desserts that were not packed with artificial ingredients and refined sugars. Paleo Bakehouse’s goods are dairy-, gluten-, grain- and refined-sugar-free, and contain no more than 7 ingredients each. The purity of the bakery’s products gives even the most strict of paleo diet eaters permission to indulge.

Healthy baked goods
Healthy baked goods

When Paleo Bakehouse first connected with digital advertising agency JUICE, the bakery was a self-described “mom and pop” ecommerce store that only made a few thousand dollars in revenue every month.


Success story


average return on ad spend


increase in purchases


increase in revenue


total value of conversions


Delicious success

Delicious success

The new Facebook ad strategy definitely paid off. Paleo Bakehouse has doubled its revenue every 2–3 months and grown from thousands in annual revenue into a million-dollar business, from a home kitchen into a factory, and from 3 to 10 employees.

December 2017–November 2018 campaign delivered:

  • 4.1X average return on ad spend
  • 2.6X increase in purchases
  • $311,323 increase in revenue
  • $742,311 total value of conversions

Before working with JUICE, we were a 3-person team knowing that, to take our business to the next level, we needed to invest in digital marketing.

Fortunately, we found JUICE and our business has never been the same.

We have grown to a team of 13 and sales have quadrupled in just under a year. This would have never happened without the help of JUICE and Facebook ads.

Bryan Ballart

Founder, Paleo Bakehouse


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